Ventura Systems has, ever since its founding in 1994, been a manufacturer of innovative door systems for city buses. Ventura Systems is a company with over 200 employees and clients in over 40 countries. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, the USA and Australia and agents in the UK, Turkey, Brazil and Japan. Ventura Systems serves renowned public transport vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Right from the beginning, the company’s founders focused particularly on the high level of standardization of the range, in which – depending on customer needs – the modular design of door systems allows them to be adapted to any requirement. This guarantees both high standards of quality and an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

The current range includes Inward Gliding (IGD), Plug Sliding (PSD) and Rapid Sliding Doors (RSD). All doors, which is developed in-house, combine intelligent technology with the best possible life cycle cost.



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