• The warranty period starts with the delivery of the product, and covers 2 years.
  • The whole product, including all its parts, are under coverage of İntermobil Warranty.
  • The structural integrity of the products submitted for warranty procedures should be maintained (the product should not be broken into pieces, opened up, or repaired in any way).
  • The instructions explained in the assembly manuals must strictly be followed in the installation of the product.
  • The right “to request replacement with a defect-free equivalent of the sold product” under Article 11 of the Consumer Protection Law no. 6502 entitles consumers to request replacement for a purchased product in the event it is defined to be defective.
  • Failures born out of the use of the product outside the specifications of the user manual are not covered by the warranty clause.
  • In the event of disputes regarding the exercise of the warranty rights, consumers are entitled to apply the Consumer Arbitration Committee or Consumer Court in charge in the nearest location where the consumer lives or the product was purchased.


  • A defected product is returned to the dealer who sold it along with the information on usage of the product and details of the complaint.
  • A Warranty Claim Form of the brand is be filled out.
  • Upon receipt of a defected product and relevant form, İntermobil Technical Team reviews the product to issue a report.
  • Invoicing procedures are done according to the report if the warranty claim is justified, or a technical report is prepared for unjustified claims to submit to the customer in order to explain reasons.

Hella products undergo the most trying warranty tests!

Hella employs approximately 7000 people just for R&D, and is among the firms that lead the market with major innovations. Hella’s quality perspective is all about 100% dependable solutions to meet the requirements of extreme cases. In order to guarantee high quality at all times, all the products are subjected to various test procedures at Lippstadt Laboratories. For instance headlights should be able to withstand temperature fluctuations in the -40 °C to +100 °C range. They should also undergo tests against splashing water and high-pressure cleaner, not to mention the requirement to operate without problems in the face of vibrations and shocks in the 10 to 1000 Hz range. Hella, Behr Hella Service, Hella Pagid Brake Systems products are capable to perform at an optimal level in such tests, as per the product category’s requirements.

Click here to see the trying quality tests applied on all Hella products!



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