WABCO (NYSE: WBC) is a leading supplier of safety and control systems for commercial vehicles.

For more than 150 years, WABCO has been offering its newest electronic, mechanical and mechatronic brake, stability, and automation system technologies to leading truck, trailer and bus producers all over the globe. Employing a staff of 16.000 in 40 countries, with a total sales figure of USD 3.8 billion in 2018, WABCO has its headquarters in Bern, Switzerland.

Operating as the sole Turkish agent and distributor of WABCO since 1982, İntermobil has 4 dealers serving the whole country, as well as more than 70 service locations authorized as “WABCO Service Partners”. Thanks to the marketing, aftermarket, and technical support provided by İntermobil, WABCO has been increasing its market share and brand recognition in Turkey, year over year. For years, the leading trailer, bus and truck producers of Turkey confidently use WABCO’s electronic brake equipment such as ABS, ECAS, EBS, TCE and RSS systems.

WABCO not only helps curb general vehicle operating costs, but also increase the safety and efficiency of trucks, buses, and trailers. WABCO’s aftermarket services network offers innovative products and services through a worldwide system of dealerships and service stations, as well as brand new training centers, for fleet owners and operators, throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.


WABCO’s award-winning Smart Trailer Program to help trailer producers, fleet operators, and cargo owners curb transportation costs, achieve fuel savings, and increase driver safety...


WABCO offers brake, vehicle and cargo control, driver comfort and safety systems to OEM manufacturers of Trucks, Trailers, Buses, Midibuses, Passenger Cars, and Agricultural Vehicles, as well as for the aftermarket sector.


With an experience of more than 150 years in vehicle control systems, and an R&D cadre of 2400 engineers all around the globe, WABCO leads the way in the automotive sector, through its innovations.


As of March 2012, selected WABCO SERVICE POINTS were authorized as WABCO SERVICE PARTNERS, on the basis of a number of criteria, with a view to developing a professional and reliable service network, offering comprehensive

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services to end-users, and becoming as accessible and close as possible. The WABCO SERVICE PARTNER concept provides each service point with the same standard of marketing materials, giving them a uniform look. Expanding its service network in Turkey through İntermobil, WABCO now has more than 70 WABCO SERVICE PARTNER locations, and is offering high quality services to vehicle owners / fleets in every part of the country.


WABCO INFORM: Online Parts Catalog

Thanks to WABCO INFORM, you can easily access to the technical drawings, photos, reference lists, and brochures of WABCO products, using just part numbers. http://inform.wabco-auto.com/intl/en/inform.php

Click here to check the manual providing answers to any question you may have about WABCO systems.

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