Hella Gutmann Solutions is established in 2008, as a joint venture between Hella and Gutmann Messtechnik.

Hella Gutmann Solutions offers Gutmann's more than 25 years of experience in failure diagnostic systems, along with Hella’s expertise in vehicle electronics. Roughly 40.000 service stations in 24 countries use Hella Gutmann Solutions failure diagnostic systems.

Hella Gutmann Solutions manufactures user-friendly and forward-looking failure diagnosis systems, aiming to cut on repair times. The ultimate aim of the joint venture where Hella and Gutmann Messtechnik are equal partners, each holding 50% of the shares, is to support the repair stations throughout the whole repair process, from the welcoming of the vehicle to rapid failure diagnosis, provision of technical data and repair assistance, and finally the supply of spare parts. The software on the device contains detailed data on almost all vehicle models produced by more than 40 passenger car and light commercial vehicle brands. The failure diagnostic equipment provided by Hella Gutmann Solutions is able to identify the failing part, with specific reference to vehicle type and other part parameters. By doing so, the systems make the life of service stations easier and problem-free, and minimize the number of incorrect orders, maximizing customer satisfaction.
From June 2012 on, İntermobil began to provide sales and technical support services for the failure diagnosis systems produced by Hella Gutmann Solutions for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, duly expanding its product range.


Hella Gutmann Solutions aims to become a solutions partner for modern service stations. To do so, more than 300 employees around the globe work on practical and smart products and services to make the operations at service stations faster, simpler, and more profitable. Hella Gutmann Solutions will continue to learn about the needs and trends throughout the process, and to lead the way in the failure diagnostics and vehicle repairs field.


The Technical Data Bank offered by İntermobil on the basis of Hella Gutmann Solutions’ accumulated expertise provides information on failure codes and their reasons, along with detailed description on how to repair. The millions of lines of data keeps the service specialists always one step ahead.


Hella Gutmann Solutions offers substantial added value to all service stations through the repair processes. From the moment of purchase of Hella Gutmann Solutions failure diagnosis systems, İntermobil provides technical support services with its specialist engineers, about the device and operations. You can call İntermobil’s engineers, and seek answers to any question you may have about the device. Furthermore, 43 technicians specializing on specific brands, and employed at Hella Gutmann Solutions headquarters to provide technical support on vehicle technologies, are able to respond to up to 2000 calls per day, with respect to 28 brands.


İntermobil offers complete solutions regarding the day-to-day needs Hella Gutmann Solutions customers may have at their workshops. Working on an appointment-based system, our specialists visit your service stations, regardless of the province, and install the device there, followed by a comprehensive training program about the use of the device. The device is automatically updated regularly, and is kept compatible with new vehicles introduced to the market. In this context, İntermobil Academy offers a number of trainings covering the regular updates on the software and the device, lighting and air-conditioning systems, electrical, electronics, brake-suspension systems, and diesel-fuel systems. You can visit the Digital Library pages to review the documents and watch the videos about HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS.

You can visit the Digital Library pages to review the documents and watch the videos about HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS.

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