Founded in 1924, to supply spare parts for heavy vehicles, VDL WEWELER began production of leaf springs in 1948. 30 years of experience culminated in the venture to manufacture parabolic springs in 1978. Today, the firm supplies mechanical springs to leading heavy vehicle manufacturers of the world.

Starting to offer user-specific air suspension solutions in 1980, VDL WEWELER expanded its product range with the addition of axles for trucks and trailers.

In 2001 VDL Weweler became part of the VDL Groep, an international industrial family-owned Dutch conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. Over time, VDL Weweler has developed into a leading international designer and manufacturer of (customer specific) air suspension solutions for trailers, trucks and buses.

The Dutch firm we have been representing since 1995 produces custom axles and air suspension systems for leading truck producers of Turkey. With an open mind about investment in Turkey, WEWELER, a member of VDL Group, supplies steerable axles and springs to leading trailer and truck manufacturers of the world.


VDL Weweler has almost 40 years of experience in the development and production of air suspension systems. All VDL Weweler suspension systems are characterized by the parabolic trailing arm, which acts as an integrated roll stabilizer and as a guiding arm for the axle. The parabolic trailing arms are manufactured in-house, which offers the assurance of maximum quality and process control for this essential product and guarantees a long operational life. VDL Weweler is the only European spring manufacturer to develop and manufacture its own range of air suspension system solutions.
VDL Weweler’s modularly constructed air suspension systems are used by manufacturers of trailers, trucks and buses around the world. The modular design ensures compatibility regardless of axle type, size or manufacturer. This offers cost-effective logistical and technical advantages for the vehicle manufacturers. By using modular construction methods, Weweler can achieve efficient volume production while also maintaining the flexibility to meet the demands for small and medium volume specialized solutions and applications.


VDL Weweler has more than 30 years experience in the development and production of axle lift systems. Our range of patented axle lift systems can be used for lifting air-suspended axles. This results in reduced tyre wear and a reduction in vehicle fuel consumption and maintenance costs.
The Bolt-on® axle lift was developed as a standard option for all VDL Weweler air suspensions, and the current range also covers axle lifts for BPW, Jost and SAF air suspension systems. We have carefully looked at the axle lifts available on the market and have improved the assembly time, as well as specifications such as ground clearance. In addition to the Bolt-On® axle lifts, which are side mounted, VDL Weweler also offers a range of mid lifts, as well as a side mounted rocker and cradle axle lifts.


The MBS® 3.0 system will become a re-alignment free 9/10t air suspension for worldwide applications. It is being developed in house in accordance with VDL Weweler's philosophy: multi-purpose, extremely light-weight and with minimal maintenance. The air suspension system will be clamped around the axle using an ingenious way of clamping offering unique modularity in the spring track.
The unique hanger bracket and the new pivot bush design will tribute to the light-weight design whilst eliminating the need for traditional pivot bolts. Alignment will be very easy as the hanger rotates around the center top bolt allowing for an adjusted of ±3,5mm. The weight of the final air suspension system should be just over 100kg per axle row and with that, it will be one of the lightest suspensions in the market. All parts are bolted, eliminating the need for welding and therefore improving maintenance.

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