What guides all our operations and decisions is our professional ethics. Our ethical values guide us in our communications with our business partners, customers, employees, and the wider society.


Investing in human resources, constant improvement and customer focused approach while carrying our more than sixty years’ experience towards future generations. Reflecting the international service approaches of the companies of which we are Turkish partners in view of the local requirements in the best way. Enriching the supplementary product portfolio with future focused systems and technologies to offer added value for our customers.


Being the most equipped solution partner in the Turkish automotive industry.


Given our perspective attaching great import to individuals and the society, honesty lies at the core of our operations. As a corporate, we abide by the principle of honesty and integrity in all our affairs and in all aspects of our business. The principle of ‘honesty’, which is the most innate corporate value we believe in and have embraced, has been guiding our journey throughout all our corporate history.


The principle of ‘trustworthiness’ is the foundation of the confidence our word draws from anyone and any entity we have done business with since our incorporation, as well as of maintaining such strong ties. As a rule, our words and behaviors should be consistent. We only make the promises we can keep, and do what is necessary to keep those promises. We try hard to provide the optimal solutions to match the requirements and needs of our customers. We embrace an open perspective on communications. We are a firm instilling trust as a corporate family comprised of individual employees.

Sharing Experiences And Knowledge

The principle of sharing experiences and knowledge lies at the root of our continued and ever increasing success. We attach great importance of sharing experiences among our employees. We do not shy away from sharing our experiences with our customers, and we always try to achieve progress and perform better. Embracing the belief that knowledge grows through sharing, we are only delighted to share our knowledge with our employees and customers, and we emphasize solidarity as well as team spirit. We make sure that our employees –our most valuable assets– get access to new knowledge through various trainings; we always support them through such endeavors.

Constant Improvement

We always think of, investigate, and implement ways to take our company and services further, to achieve ever more. We are well aware that continued improvement and development can be based only on investment in human, assets, and information technologies. Continuous learning and self-development are the essential elements of all our processes. Thanks to our visionary perspective, we take decisions to shed light for new projects, and to ensure sustainability of our business. We embrace any innovative ideas to increase the satisfaction levels of our customers, employees, and business partners. Our employees assume active roles in their departments, and contribute to the progress of the firm by taking the initiative.


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