HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. is an independent family firm with operations all over the globe, employing a staff of more than 38,000 at 125 locations in more than 35 countries.

HELLA develops and manufactures lighting, electrical, and electronic systems for the automotive industry. HELLA employs a staff of approximately 7000 just for R&D, and is among the firms which leads the market with major innovations. Having achieved a sales figure of 6.6 billion Euros in financial year 2016/17, HELLA Group is one of the top 40 automotive suppliers worldwide, and is also listed among the largest 100 German industrial enterprises.

Realizing in 1992 that İntermobil was the correct partner to further its future success in Turkey, HELLA entrusted its product range covering automotive lighting, electrical, and electronic parts, to İntermobil’s extensive aftermarket distribution network, not to mention its strong connections with manufacturers and its technical expertise.

Supplying parts to leading truck, bus, and trailer producers of Turkey, HELLA is also a product supplier for leading passenger vehicles of the world. Hence, it also commands a significant share of the aftermarket sector. Since 1 January, 2009, HELLA took its extended relationship with İntermobil to the next level, and became 50% shareholder of the latter.


Light is essential to both seeing and being seen. Since vehicle lighting is so important to the safety of everyone on the road, HELLA develops innovative lighting systems that offer a high level of driving comfort while also providing optimum illumination of the road ahead. Design is also an increasingly important factor. This is where LEDs truly come into their own, as they allow a whole new approach to vehicle design, enabling designers to create of brand-specific styles.


A global solutions partner for the automotive industry, HELLA enables rapid implementation of innovative concepts through efficient and reliable serial products based on its systems expertise and unique experience level. That is why HELLA’s electrical products range is quite extensive. Through continuous expansion and optimization, HELLA is able to offer a wide range of relays and relay devices to service locations. Having achieved strong recognition worldwide as a brand of lighting products, HELLA also offers a range of electrical products including horns, relays, lightbulbs, headlight wash systems, sockets, fuses, functional switches, assembly parts, and garage equipments.


The number of electronics components employed in cars have been increasing substantially in recent years, with an ever rising level of complexity. Although lighting electronics is where HELLA got its start, the firm has also offered comprehensive expert vehicle electronics solutions for a long time. HELLA’s product range covers a wide variety of applications, from complex body electronics such as central control units and access systems, to various electronic components such as sensors and vacuum pumps. Furthermore, HELLA is also active in the driver assistance systems business, offering attractive innovations as well as fast-growth in energy management.


The vehicles used for commercial and private purposes play a vital part in maintaining our business life, social endeavors, as well as presence in public platforms, in line with social requirements. Even though it is natural to keep production figures of commercial and private vehicles at certain levels, the products developed, tested, and produced by the firms we represent, within the framework of their own norms, are essential in terms of producing affordable products for such vehicles.

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These products offer a wide range of solutions vehicle manufacturers can confidently use with their own designs. You can visit the following micro-sites to get detailed information about the lighting solutions Hella offers for vehicle producers.
Agricultural Vehicles
Construction Equipments
Public Service Vehicles
Hella Shapeline



No matter if you are a professional, adventurer, or just an off-road enthusiast; HELLA’s wide range of universal products are good for anyone. HELLA stands for the use of the latest technologies, the highest level of reliability, and an unmatched level of quality.


HELLA’s Mining Center was established in 2002, in Australia, to design, develop, and manufacture fixed an mobile lighting products for the mining industry. HELLA employs its research, engineering, and expertise in logistics to produce mine lighting products to match world standards.


HELLA Ultra Power batteries based on German technology, to match the requirements of any passenger and commercial vehicles offer reliable start-up power for both new passenger cars as well as those older than 10 years. Vehicles which require an extra bit of effort are also served well by the batteries. Standing ready for start up under any condition, HELLA Ultra Power batteries also offer a number of safety features such as strong body, labyrinth caps, special plugs, and reverse spark protection. Hella Ultra Power Batteries are always the ideal choice for buses, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment, for short as well as long drives.

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