İntermobil focuses in making a difference in customized solutions. Tracing & tracking of a product until it reaches its end-user is a vital criteria in the evaluation of logistic performance.

İntermobil has finalized the infrastructure integration with all the manufacturers for which it represents and distributes. Being aware that logistics management is the key to competitiveness in terms of customer satisfaction and efficiency in distribution, the logistics team of  İntermobil establishes cooperation with leading warehousing and transportation companies to minimize risk factors in the process.

İntermobil increases the supply capacity of the distributors as a result of its hands-on management strategy and adds value to its customers by offering rapid and distinct solutions.

Supplier Strategy:

İntermobil offers its customers a significant competitive advantage with the continious improvement projects with the customers.

These competitive advantages include the development of design and manufacturing competencies of suppliers, the reduction of investment and product costs, and the cost advantages of joint procurement activities (raw materials, logistics, consumables, etc.).

İntermobil supplies its product range from 20 different locations worldwide, all pioneer suppliers focusing on quality, excellence and sustainibility.

Supplier Excellence:

İntermobil chooses its suppliers according to the needs of the industry. Suppliers also need to meet certain criteria, which are summarized below:

  • Having technical (quality / cost competitiveness / delivery performance) and organizational competencies to meet the expectations of the automotive industry
  • Being strong in financial terms
  • Having the necessary quality certificates and the ability of flexible production and design

Supply Chain Operating Model:

  • The proactive follow up of the order-to-delivery process with single point of contact
  • The options of air, sea and land transport
  • Integrated logistics and system projects in line with customer satisfaction and demands
  • Solution based approach in emergency and extra options
  • Documentation and know-how support for manufacturer and customer
  • Alternative solution proposals for the periodic workload
  • After-sales support and follow up
  • Active support for the planning of customer orders

Standardization for Sustainability:

İntermobil monitors all suppliers in the fields of commercial efficiency, quality and delivery by evaluating them on standard performance indicators.

Medium and long-term strategies for all suppliers are established and tracked according to pre-determined standard importance and customer satisfaction criteria.



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