We are proud to supply Turkish automotive market with the leading global brands which play the leading part in the automotive aftermarket services sector.

Operating as the sole Turkish agent and distributor of WABCO since 1982, İntermobil had 4 dealers serving the whole country, as well as more than 70 WABCO service locations authorized as “WABCO Service Partners”. Thanks to the marketing, aftermarket, and technical support provided by İntermobil, WABCO has been increasing its market share and brand recognition in Turkey, year over year.

Realizing in 1992 that İntermobil was the correct partner to further its future success in Turkey, HELLA entrusted its product range covering automotive lighting, electrical, and electronic parts, to İntermobil’s extensive aftermarket distribution network, not to mention its strong connections with manufacturers and its technical expertise.

HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS is a joint venture established in 2013, by TMD Friction and HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. TMD Friction is one of the leading brake producers of the world, offering more than 10,000 brake pads and components under the PAGID brand.

Since 2002, İntermobil is Continental VDO’s sole agent and distributor in Turkey. The products included in VDO’s portfolio are made available to Turkish users, through the efforts of İntermobil.


ProVia is the spare parts brand offering an affordable and extensive product range for automotive aftermarket products and services market, introduced in 2015 by WABCO, the leading and global supplier of technologies to enhance the safety of commercial vehicles.

Exporting its products to more than 70 countries all around the world, including Turkey, US, Australia, UK, France, Italy, and South Africa, FUWA produces state-of-the-art equipment in line with technical standards and market requirements, through the efforts of a team of experts gathered from every part of the globe.

VALX has been reflecting its success in the European trailer axles market, into the Turkish market, reaching out to users through İntermobil, its sole agent in the country since 2011.

İntermobil, introducing the world’s giant brands to the automotive sector in Turkey, proudly presents you a new brand as the product of our experience and innovative nature. Thanks to our retail network across Turkey and the wide selection of ioto products that have proven their quality in many challenging tests, we are ready to leap forward with you.

In 2012 İntermobil became the WABCOWÜRTH’s agent in Turkey, and expanded its offerings with the sales and technical support operations for the failure detection systems produced by WABCOWÜRTH for heavy-duty vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The product aims to enhance the failure detection and repair capabilities of unaffiliated service stations, to world-standards.

HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS is established in 2008, as a joint venture between Hella and Gutmann Messtechnik. HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS offers Gutmann's 25 years of experience in failure detection systems, along with Hella’s expertise in vehicle electronics.

The Dutch firm we have been representing since 1995 produces custom axles and air suspension systems for leading truck producers of Turkey.

KONI operates in 3 major product groups: ‘race cars’, ‘buses, trucks and trailers’, and ‘railway’. Each product group is managed by specialized teams covering product development and engineering, production and assembly lines, and sales and marketing, with KONI’s executive and corporate strategies providing a wider umbrella for all teams.

Ventura Systems has, ever since its founding in 1994, been a manufacturer of innovative door systems for city buses. Ventura Systems is a company with over 200 employees and clients in over 40 countries.

Pomlead is a brand that was founded in China in 2010 and specializes in the development and manufacture of aluminum wheels and all other aluminum parts for commercial vehicles, passenger cars and rail transit. İntermobil is operating as Pomlead’s sole representative in Turkey since 2020.

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