Having achieved a sales volume of 40.5 Billion Euros in 2016, Continental is one of the top automotive suppliers worldwide.

Supplying transmission elements, chassis parts, and vehicle electronics, Continental is a household name in terms of enhanced driving safety and environmental sensitivity. It is also among the professional partners of the Automobile Communication Network. The firm employs a staff count of approximately 220,000 in 56 countries.

The leading automotive supplier serving the industry, Continental, produces dashboards, control systems, gauges, tachographs, telematics systems, car radios, and common rail diesel systems for trucks, buses, and passenger cars, under the VDO brand. Continental VDO supplies parts to both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as to the automotive aftermarket industry (IAM).

Since 2002, İntermobil is Continental VDO’s sole agent and distributor in Turkey. The products included in VDO’s portfolio are made available to Turkish users, through the efforts of İntermobil. In this context, VDO supplies parts to leading vehicle producers of Turkey, and commands a substantial part of the spare parts sector. The aftermarket services perspective VDO effectively implements worldwide is thus complemented with more than 150 tachograph service locations and 15 diesel repair stations İntermobil set up all over Turkey. The plans for the coming years entail an increase in the numbers of tachograph and diesel service locations.


VDO digital tachographs make daily operations easier for fleet managers and drivers, while helping them curb the costs, and optimize routes and distances. They also enable a more efficient use of the work hours. The smart transportation system Continental VDO Digital Tachographs –which are represented and distributed in Turkey by İntermobil– helps with road safety, data protection...


27 Diesel Repair Stations İntermobil operates in Turkey are equipped with required expertise and hardware, and offers the system error identification, repairs, and original spare parts support for end users. The technical staff at the service stations diagnose and repair high-pressure pumps; and hence offer attractive solutions to achieve savings: Click here to see the authorized VDO diesel repair stations in Turkey.


Building on its years of experience gathered through connections with vehicle producers, VDO offers the highest quality spare parts, perfect compatibility, and ease of assembly for the automotive aftermarket sector. In addition to supplying parts for vehicle manufacturers, VDO commands a significant market share in the automotive aftermarket products and services sector. VDO intends to provide sustained benefits to dealers, service stations, and drivers, with a wide range of highest quality products which can be supplied on very short notice.


With its wide range of products and comprehensive solutions, VDO brings together all the functions required for vehicle manufacturers. Through İntermobil, VDO supplies parts to leading vehicle producers of Turkey. VDO aims to set a bridge between today and tomorrow by offering potential product groups which play a central role in reaching for the future of the automotive industry, and at the heart of new business opportunities. In this context, the brand strives to bring competitive edge to original equipment manufacturers.

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