KONI is one of the leading global brands in the OEM and automotive aftermarket sector, supplying shock absorbers.

KONI Group’s R&D, engineering, production, finance & control, quality, sales & marketing operations are located at the headquarters in Oud Beijerland, the Netherlands.

Since 1972, KONI is part of the international engineering and manufacturing firm ITT. ITT is a household name in production safety and control systems in automobiles, buses, trucks, and trailers.

KONI operates in 3 major product groups: ‘race cars’, ‘buses, trucks and trailers’, and ‘railway’. Each product group is managed by specialized teams covering product development and engineering, production and assembly lines, and sales and marketing, with KONI’s executive and corporate strategies providing a wider umbrella for all teams.

Since 1950, KONI is an active and popular partner of Formula-1.

Since 2015, Intermobil has been representing this strong brand recognized for its high-performance shock absorber products, and is serving local vehicle manufacturers operating in Turkish market.


Since its initial introduction in 1999, this trailer damper developed by KONI for horizontal use has seen many improvements, and has become the best performing product on the market. OEM’s prefer the damper, especially for extreme conditions such as in Australia and Eastern Europe, where the high temperature performance and strength is a must-have for survival. Trucks, tractors, and construction machines make use of a very wide range of shock absorbers. Endurance, adjustability, comfort and handling are features integrated in certain types of shock absorbers used on any road, from deserts to poles.


Comfort is one of the most important items for the performance of a bus. KONI supplies dampers with comfort settings and improved roadholding capabilities. Companies like NeoMan (Neoplan), Van Hool, TransBus International, VDL Bus International and Volvo equip their coaches and buses with KONI, due to the comfort improvement and the long life-time. KONI has developed several bus dampers specific to the needs for passenger transportation, with a focus on passenger comfort, durability and noise reduction.


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