The trainings offered under the umbrella of İntermobil Academy represents our contribution to the development of Turkish automotive industry.

Armed with more than 60 years of experience, İntermobil supports the development of the industry by offering vocational trainings. Aiming to further the service standards in the industry through training the employees engaged in the automotive aftermarket sector, İntermobil presents, at İntermobil Academy, the knowledge the professionals in the sector need, from innovations introduced with specific brands and products, to tips to enhance safety and performance.

The training center designed specifically to offer trainings is used for the trainings arranged by İntermobil Academy, for the brands represented and distributed, including but not limited to WABCO, WABCO WÜRTH and VDO.


Confident in its belief that training is the most important element of development in the sector, İntermobil complements its high quality product range with its aftermarket services, as well as the regular trainings offered at İntermobil Academy for vehicle manufacturers, and the authorized workshops operating in the automotive aftermarket services industry.

  • Digital Tachograph Trainings
  • Trainings on Diagnosis Systems for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles
  • Brake Systems Trainings
  • A/C Systems Trainings


İntermobil always believes that education is the key for the success. Thus, we care about personal, professional and executive development of all our employees. To be able support this educational process, İntermobil provides training opportunities in different areas. In this framework, different inhouse and outsourced trainings are organized within Intermobil Academy.

  • Basic Communications and Empathy
  • Team-Work Towards Excellence
  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making Techniques
  • Leadership
  • Motivation for Personal and Team Achievements

“Education is the most potent weapon to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela



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