The Human Resources processes shaped with an emphasis on people serve to maintain employee loyalty, and sustain the happy employee profile. In this context, innovative practices are used to create a dynamic human resources structure.


The recruitment process entails the placement of the right person to the right position, in line with the values and culture of İntermobil, and in the light of our requirements analyses. The applications received in response to job ads published on a number of channels, as well as the CVs submitted in general to the firm are diligently reviewed; the candidates which meet the requirements of the position are included in interview processes. Our competence-based interview processes can take various forms: phone-interviews, face-to-face interviews, and online interviews. In addition, in line with the requirements of the position, foreign language proficiency test or assessment center procedures can be applied. The hiring processes are transparent (with candidates being informed at every stage) and based on standard procedures; the candidates are always provided feedback about the outcomes of the process.


In the light of our values of “sharing experience and knowledge” and “continuous development”, we organize various trainings at regular intervals, to support our employees. Trainings are planned in a manner to match the objectives and priorities of the company, and the personal needs of the employees. New members of the staff start with an “Orientation Training” on day one and build on that with various technical and proficiency trainings to enhance their professional and personal capabilities.


Our career management system is designed to ensure efficient and productive employment of human resources, to meet organizational requirements, and to enhance work performance. The system also aims to reinforce the loyalty and commitment of the employees, and to identify their personal training and development needs. The results of the performance management process are taken into account in the career management processes as well, and guide vertical and horizontal career moves. The performance management system is based on establishing individual targets assigned to employees in line with the corporate objectives, and assessing compliance with the targets on quarterly periods. The ultimate aim of the performance management system is to improve and enhance personal performance, and to reward strong performers, thus contributing to the achievement of the shared objectives of the firm. Furthermore, the performance assessment results inform training planning to further underline the strengths of our employees, and to help them reach desired levels where there is room for improvement.


Various activities to bring our employees together help to take their minds off the stress at work, to reinforce their cooperation and team-spirit, and to simply give them some good time together. Moreover, the events where our employees attend with their families intend to keep our family structure strong and intact at all times. The “Social Responsibility” projects İntermobil supports and takes an active role in, also enable our employees to attend certain art events.


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