Top level customer satisfaction at workshops, with the support of İntermobil.

We are passionate about automotive technologies; what about you? Open your eyes to İntermobil Technology, a world of solutions offered on the basis of the state-of-the-art products of HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS and WABCOWÜRTH.

Our Aim:

We work continuously to understand the equipments and services the workshops may need, and then, to offer them optimal solutions.

  • In addition to supplying high quality equipment and materials to commercial and passenger car workshops, we offer expertise as well as quality technical services, increasing the productivity and profitability levels of the repair shops.
  • We expand the product range with high-quality equipments, increase the wealth of knowledge, and strive to become a fully equipped solution partner for the repair shops.

Our Services:

Our experience, your profit...

  • The increasing presence of electronics systems in vehicles leads to an increased need for diagnostic equipment. In this context, we offer leading diagnostic devices for passenger and commercial vehicles, to workshops.
  • Sale of high-quality garage equipment, spare parts, and supplies,
  • Comprehensive trainings regarding devices using latest technologies,
  • Technical support line
  • Technical data bank
  • Turkish language versions of all documents related to diagnostics
  • Quick procurement of the required spare part thanks to the strong network of dealers

Why Multi-Brand Diagnostic Equipment?

Multi-brand diagnostic equipment are not designed and produced to compete against the diagnostic equipment offered by original equipment manufacturers. Their purpose is not to exactly reproduce the functions offered by the diagnostic equipment provided by the manufacturers. The actual purpose is to enable the repair shops in terms of repairing and maintaining numerous vehicles of numerous brands and models. Another purpose is to offer potentially 90% of information available. (In other words, the objective is to offer 90% of the information provided by the devices from original equipment manufacturers.) The multi-brand failure diagnostic solutions WABCOWÜRTH and Hella Gutmann Solutions offer in combination with the advantages contributed by İntermobil Technology, provide precise, reliable, and comprehensible solutions for vehicles of any popular brand. You can quickly check out the failure along with its potential impact and solutions, and accurately-quickly effect the repair. The multi-brand failure diagnostic devices generally state the name of the failure only. The diagnostic devices İntermobil Technology offers operate in a manner similar to that of the brand-specific diagnostic devices; the failures are specified along with their descriptions, in Turkish.

Mega Macs PC is a software by Hella Gutmann Solutions, to transform the shop computer to a highly effective service module.



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