ProVia is the spare parts brand offering an affordable and extensive product range for automotive aftermarket sector, introduced in 2015 by WABCO, the leading and global supplier of technologies to enhance the safety of commercial vehicles.

ProVia offers more than 40 products across key replacement categories for trucks, buses, and trailers, including brake pads, coupling heads, relay valves, as well as coiled and straight tubes.

Having been serving as the sole Turkish agent and distributor of WABCO since 1982, İntermobil is now offering all the advantages ProVia brings along, with the confidence WABCO instills, for the automotive aftermarket products and services industry.


ProVia’s brake pads portfolio is designed for compatibility with the most widely used air disc brakes in the market. The portfolio consisting of 28 different pad kits covering major brakes in the market including KNORR, WABCO, Meritor, Bendix, BPW, and TEVES as well as over 340 OE references. The pads are manufactured in Germany.


ProVia coupling heads have been engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs. Compliant with ISO 1728 performance standard. Simplified body design resistant to harsh weather conditions, and robust cover protects against dust.


The external layer of PA12 multi-layer coiled tube provides resistance to particular hazardous factors and works as a visible wear indicator. Given its reduced complexity with just 6 variants, ProVia can meet the same applicable market as 50 variants of a competitor range.


Relay valves have been engineered, tested and approved for aftermarket needs. The range of highly reliable valves are designed to serve as spare parts for commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers, and buses. With a range of 5 variants, ProVia is able to serve over 20 Original Equipment manufacturer reference specifications. .


ProVia cartridges have been engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists for aftermarket needs and can be applied to the majority of the commercial vehicles (air dryer thread size M39x1.5RH). Outstanding performance in the budget cartridge business thanks to high quality moisture absorbing material. With 1 single product, ProVia is able to serve multiple Original Equipment Manufacturer reference specifications for trucks and off-highway vehicles.


Universal design to cover multiple OE applications: serving 63 Original Equipment Manufacturer cross references with 15 variants. Pressure limiting valves have been tested and approved for aftermarket needs. Jointly developed in Europe and India to meet the requirements of global markets. Manufactured in Poland with a highly corrosion-resistant design.


Engineered, tested and approved by aftermarket specialists for aftermarket needs, ProVia wheel speed sensors have an universal design to cover a majority of OE applications. A unique clamping bush and grease pack is included for all variants. With 20 variants, ProVia is able to serve a range of 105 Original Equipment Manufacturer cross references.


Universal design that covers the majority of OEM references. Robust zinc alloy handle for reliable performance and long durability. Produced in Europe for global needs.


ProVia Spring Brake actuators have a universal design to cover a wide range of OE applications. They offer a significantly longer lifetime in terms of operating cycles compared to many other budget actuators. Company engineers in India and Europe concluded that ProVia Spring Brake actuators show a much higher corrosion resistance, higher max. operating pressure (13 vs. 10 bar) and higher OEM coverage in comparative tests with similar budget parts. With just 11 variants, ProVia is able to serve an impressive range of more than 200 Original Equipment manufacturer cross references.


ProVia product group is composed of variants with brake fluid and mineral oils, to meet basic OEM requirements. ProVia clutch servo offers a reliable option for use without any compromise on the quality front, when the quality of the original equipment is no longer affordable in light of the vehicle’s overall ownership cost, and is engineered in line with OE references.


Universal design which covers multiple OE applications: serving 20 Original Equipment Manufacturer cross-references. Produced in Europe for global market needs


Separate heaters can be ordered as an option. Engineered, tested and certified by aftermarket specialists for aftermarket needs. Produced in Europe for global market needs.

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