HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS is a joint venture established in 2013, by TMD Friction and HELLA KgaA Hueck & Co.

TMD Friction is one of the leading brake producers of the world, offering more than 14,000 brake pads and components under the PAGID brand. The strong brand formed through the combination of the brands HELLA and PAGID brings about excellent braking technology, professional sales support, outstanding logistics, and first-class technical support services.

Almost 100% of existing European vehicles are covered by HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS brake linings. HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS brake discs provide perfect friction matches to provide safety, comfort, and service life. Brake shoes and drums offer excellent solutions for rear axle applications. The pre-installed brake shoe kits offered by HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS also help save time during installation. Lubricants, brake cleaners, alarm contacts and various accessories complete the program.


Successful products are notable in that they offer the customer sustainable benefits. The Hella Pagid product range fulfills this requirement to maximum effect, thanks to its wide diversity coupled with maximum safety, comfort, and durability. What makes the Hella Pagid wearing parts product range –which consists of more than 5,500 products– particularly impressive is its exceptional market coverage to an OEM standard of quality, plus the ability to add new products quickly.


Hella Pagid currently has over 3,400 items in its brake hydraulics product range. The range is renowned for its OE manufacturer quality, good market coverage, and a high quality of data. Our hydraulics product range, comprising the four product groups of brake calipers, brake hoses, brake master cylinders, and wheel brake cylinders, covers virtually all relevant vehicle classes. From the compact class of the Peugeot 207 and medium class, such as the A class and luxury vehicles like the BMW 5 Series, to transporters and the Unimog, all customers are won over by the diversity of our products.


Brake systems are complex entities in which many elements must work together perfectly to ensure safe functioning, even in extreme situations. The brake fluid is an important part of this system because it transfers the pedal force to the brake system through hydraulic pressure. To perform this function, the brake fluid must conform to clearly defined vehicle manufacturer requirements and its composition must be perfectly coordinated to the characteristics of various brake systems. Brake fluids from Hella Pagid do not just meet these conditions perfectly, they far exceed them. The brake fluid product range from Hella Pagid is appropriately supplemented with brake cleaner and mounting paste. Both of these quality products are tried-and-tested, easy to use, and ideal for optimizing the braking and road safety of a vehicle.


The Hella Pagid product range has over 550 accessories for brake linings and brake shoes. The products are launched on the market to be compatible with developments in brake lining and shoe technology. Hella Pagid provides accessories for four different product groups:
1. Accessories for disc brake pads
2. Accessories for brake shoes
3. Accessories for parking brake shoes
4. Accessories for brake calipers

You can visit the Digital Library pages to review the documents and watch the videos about HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS.

Make sure to have your brakes checked regularly at the service station!



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