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The Hella Pagid Brake Systems brake pads range comprises more than 1,300 items, manufactured in line with 50 different recipes. These are designed to precisely reflect the respective requirements of the various vehicle types, brake systems, engine outputs, driving loads, and braking characteristics. What's more, Hella Pagid Brake Systems disc brake pads are found in almost all the vehicles on the roads of Western Europe.

Tests are hugely important at Hella Pagid Brake Systems. Products are tested, not only at the R&D centers, but also on the roads under actual conditions. The standards are always the exacting requirements and performance specifications of the vehicle and braking system manufacturers. The program puts the brake pads through up to 300,000 test kilometers and 1,000 hours of test bed testing before releasing them for serial production. For Hella Pagid Brake Systems, maximum safety and performance are the key.

During the development process for Hella Pagid brake linings, the brake disc –the direct friction partner to the linings– is inevitably taken into account. Hella Pagid brake discs and Hella Pagid brake linings are therefore perfectly matched to each other in terms of safety, comfort, and service life, thus forming the perfect friction pair. The product range includes more than 1,450 brake discs. In this perspective, Hella Pagid brake discs cover almost 97% of the automotive market in Western Europe.

We also supply a complete range of rear brake discs with integrated wheel bearings and ABS sensors for special vehicle models.

Today, most OE producers consider black-coated high-carbon-content brake discs as must haves in any product range. Hella Pagid was one of the first firms to establish that standard, and is now offering its black carbon brake discs in the automotive aftermarket sector as well.

The existing black-coated carbon brake discs range is designed to meet the requirements of the premium vehicles running on European roads, as well as those of sports cars. However, given the will to reflect the current trends in the OE market, Hella Pagid disc range is ever growing.

High-carbon-content brake discs are often installed on the front axle. However, with a view to ensure a uniform and special look, Hella Pagid offers non-carbon black-coated brake disks as well, for use with rear axles.

Hella Pagid’s carbon brake discs lead the market, and is considered first class products by even the most selective customers. On the other hand, it is only inevitable for the black coating on the contact surfaces of the brake pads to wear off in time.

Brake drums and brake kits from Hella Pagid Brake Systems are the perfect solution for rear axle applications. With more than 400 brake shoes and 250 brake shoe kits, Hella Pagid covers more than 90% of all vehicles driven in Western Europe. Superlative quality is a given, as are optimum brake performance and service life.

Save time with Hella Pagid brake shoe kits.

In addition to the 400 different types of brake shoe on offer, the product range also includes more than 250 brake shoe kits, a very distinct advantage of which is that they include a complete set of parts. Every brake shoe kit is therefore available with additional accessories and wheel brake cylinders to ensure quick, easy, and safe installation.

What's more, 200 of these brake shoe kits come preassembled. This saves time and money in the workshop.

Brake drums and brake shoes from Hella Pagid Brake Systems are the perfect solution for rear axle applications.

Hella Pagid Brake Systems has over 230 items in its range of brake drums. These are produced from only the best-quality cast. The Hella Pagid drum range also distinguishes itself through a wide coverage. Hella Pagid brake drums stand for superlative quality, extraordinary performance, and durability.

In addition to the alarm contacts which are already delivered with brake linings, Hella Pagid has over 220 replacement alarm contacts in its product range. These are offered for brake linings that are not equipped with alarm contacts as standard.

The range is developed in line with the introduction of new brake linings.

Hella Pagid offers both mechanical and electrical alarm contacts that are highly resistant to heat.

Alarm contacts also alert the driver when a brake lining will be worn out and require replacement. This provides you with an extra degree of safety.



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