Hella Pagid currently has over 3,400 items in its brake hydraulics product range. The range is renowned for its OE manufacturer quality, good market coverage, and a high quality of data. Our hydraulics product range, comprising the four product groups of brake calipers, brake hoses, brake master cylinders, and wheel brake cylinders, covers virtually all relevant vehicle classes. From the compact class of the Peugeot 207 and medium class, such as the A class and luxury vehicles like the BMW 5 Series, to transporters and the Unimog, all customers are won over by the solutions we offer.

Hella Pagid offers more than 900 brake hoses, which feature outstanding pulse strength, a long design life, as well as sturdy hose fitting connections. The brake hoses surpass all SAEJ1401 specifications several times over, to honor the claim of providing the very highest levels of quality and safety. All the hoses consist of a special rubber mixture and integrated braiding that makes the hose as a whole much stronger and provides reinforcement. What's more, the brake hoses' well-established plug-and-play feature allows them to be installed effortlessly whenever they are required.

The Hella Pagid product range includes more than 550 master brake cylinders in both single-stage and two-stage piston versions. What makes the portfolio as a whole stand out are its high efficiency levels, short closure, and low volume. Of course the products meet OE quality and safety requirements. Furthermore, the latest generations of master brake cylinders are available in the product range.

Our multifaceted wheel brake cylinder portfolio contains more than 350 items, including aluminum, steel, and cast iron wheel brake cylinders as well as wheel brake cylinders that are available with or without an integrated pressure regulator. Hella Pagid wheel brake cylinders feature exceptionally high levels of strength and durability and, like all our products, are produced in line with the highest OE standards.

Over 1,000 handbrake cables complete Hella Pagid's brake hydraulics product range. Handbrake or parking brake cables prevent a vehicle from rolling away or make it easier to park on a hill through use of the handbrake. There are different designs on the market to suit all vehicles and brake systems. All handbrake cables meet the most stringent of quality, safety, and durability requirements.



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