Hella Pagid currently has over 3,400 items in its brake hydraulics product range. The range is renowned for its OE manufacturer quality, good market coverage, and a high quality of data. Our hydraulics product range, comprising the four product groups of brake calipers, brake hoses, brake master cylinders, and wheel brake cylinders, covers virtually all relevant vehicle classes. From the compact class of the Peugeot 207 and medium class, such as the A class and luxury vehicles like the BMW 5 Series, to transporters and the Unimog, all customers are won over by the solutions we offer.

DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 PRO, DOT 5.1
Hella Pagid's comprehensive product range contains four brake fluids that can be used individually and are optimized with safety in mind:
DOT 3 brake fluid should be used in brake and clutch systems where the vehicle manufacturer recommends this fluid.
DOT 4 brake fluid is recommended for brake and clutch systems with synthetic fluid (including ABS).
DOT 4 PRO brake fluid is recommended for all vehicles featuring modern safety systems, such as electronic stability programs/traction control systems.
DOT 5.1 brake fluid meets even the most stringent standards and is recommended for all vehicles featuring the latest safety and brake systems.
Using the brake fluid specified by the vehicle manufacturer is generally recommended.
Hella Pagid brake fluids are available in the following container sizes:
1 unit:
20l canister DOT 4
4 units:
5l DOT 4 & DOT 4 Pro canister
10 units:
1l DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 4 Pro bottle
24 units:
0.5l & 0.25l DOT 4 bottle

The brake cleaner from Hella Pagid attracts brake dust and is a reliable means of removing oil, grease, dirt, and brake fluid; and it leaves no residue. Therefore, this tried-and-tested cleaning agent is suited for almost general use for all brake, coupling and drive parts, as well as starters, alternators, carburetors, fuel pumps, and engine parts. It does not cause polystyrene to break down and is free from chlorinated solvents.

Product characteristics:
-Great cleaning effect
-Low evaporation rate
-Cleans without causing discoloration or leaving streaks
-Protects against rusting
-Does not contain chlorinated or halogenated hydrocarbons

Spray soiled parts intensively and allow solvent to drain or evaporate.
If necessary, wipe off with a towel until dry. Repeat if parts are heavily soiled.
HELLA PAGID brake cleaner is available in 500 ml spray cans.

In order to ensure safe functioning in the long term, the wheel brake must undergo regular maintenance. During maintenance, all mechanical parts should be greased with a temperature-resistant, non-metallic, permanent lubricant. When doing so, always make sure that the lubricant is suitable. To eliminate all risks and prevent possible malfunctions in the highly sensitive safety systems (ABS, electronic stability programs) while driving, we recommend that you use Hella Pagid mounting paste.

Product Characteristics:
-Free of particulate matter

-Universal use at all lubrication points in the vehicle
-On brake and coupling systems
-As a battery terminal grease
Hella Pagid mounting paste is available in 75 ml tubes.



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